What can I do to get ready for my hunt?

Practice with your weapon, and work on your fitness. The better shape you’re in and the more proficient you are with your firearm or bow the more smoothly your hunt will go.

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What if I wound the elk?

If there is "any blood drawn" that animal is considered taken regardless of whether the animal is recovered or not. That being said, your guide will do his very best to ensure that that animal is recovered. This is why being accurate with your gun or bow is so important.

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Can I bring a spouse or friend?

Yes. Any non-hunting guests are charged for meals and lodging. That price depends specifically on the accommodation package purchased along with the trophy fee.

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How do I book my hunt?

Just give us a call or text anytime to check availability. All we require is a 40% deposit to reserve your hunting dates. We accept check, cash, or cards.

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When is your hunting season?

We have hunts available from September first through the end of November, but hunts are limited and we book up fast so call us to reserve your hunt today.

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How many acres on the ranch?

Over 5000 acres. We are proud to offer a fair chase hunt of free range animals. You won’t find any cross fencing or 1000 acres pastures here. the animals have free range of the entire preserve.

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