The Fort

Exclusivity Is a modern luxury, and the reason you will have the fort and 5000 acre hunting area to yourself. No Getting stuck with random hunters you’ve never met. we are proud to offer you and your companions a rustic western luxury experience at our 1800’s styled fort. Located on the edge of the conservation area, Fort Mcintosh allows you to experience early morning bugles, classic western cuisine, world class meat processing, campfires and relaxing privacy.

We typically sight in rifles the morning of your hunt right outside your door and the adventure begins there! No need to worry about long travels from your bed to the land your hunting on!

The 5000+ square foot building can accommodate 8 people comfortably and is furnished with 4 queen size beds, two in each wing, a bunk bed room, kitchen, dining room, 2 bathrooms and courtyard fire pit!

Here we offer an ALL-INCLUSIVE experience, no need to worry about bedding, pillows, towels, food! We take care of everything! Call or text 7207787667 to get information and details to book your hunt.